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Terradex at 20: Keeping the Startup Feeling in Pursuit of Long-Term Stewardship

Can Terradex still be a startup after 20 years? That is the question I ask myself as I reflect on this milestone. A startup is a fast, bumpy, innovative ride to converge on the model, market, revenue, and profit, and is very much the norm in Silicon Valley. Although Terradex is in the business of the perpetual, it remains adorned by the spirit of the startup. So, my answer is yes, and here are three reasons why I keep this startup feeling.

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Conversation with Bob Wenzlau, Terradex CEO

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Environmental Protections – A Proposal for Public Branding of Institutional Controls

The term “environmental protection” carries the inspiration behind the terminology.  When an environmental protection is applied, the stakeholder knows that there is a device in place that is protective in nature.  While the term environment is broad, within the context of land contamination, the meaning is relatively implicit. As an environmental professional would establish an “environmental protection” the duty associated with that is embedded in the term.  The term “environmental protection” is both trustworthy and efficient.

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