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Terradex protects communities and the environment while enabling the safe use of contaminated properties and other sensitive lands. Our innovative web applications continuously monitor for new or proposed land uses, give notice of unsafe activity, and integrate efficiently into our clients’ site stewardship and risk management workflows. Our technology tools minimize risk, prioritize safety, and ensure compliance with property use restrictions.


We founded Terradex in 2002 with the vision of serving as a smoke alarm for environmentally impacted properties, a concept that remains a guiding principle for us. Our proprietary land stewardship management platform provides important property tracking, activity alerts, and reporting features for our clients to seamlessly integrate into their internal workflows. We also envision that our applications will increasingly be utilized at a variety of other properties, including sensitive habitats, climate-vulnerable locations, and sites with pipeline, rail, and utility easements. Leveraging our ingenuity and proven success, we believe our ever-evolving technology solutions will continue to be an indispensable part of managing and safely using all types of sensitive properties for many years to come.

Our Team

For more than two decades, the Terradex Team has been an industry leader in developing integrated technology solutions to manage the long-term stewardship of contaminated sites and other sensitive lands. With deep expertise in this niche area, we pride ourselves in a personal, hands-on approach to customer support and strive to constantly improve our products to meet ever-changing client needs.

Bob WenzlauLearn More 
CEO and Founder
Bob is the CEO and Founder of Terradex. An environmental engineer by training, he has deep expertise in the long-term care of contaminated sites. Nearly 20 years ago, Bob founded Terradex with the original concept of an independent business that would monitor the effectiveness of institutional controls by screening land activity and use. Bob developed the LandWatch, DigClean, and WhatsDown products to address the varying use cases of any stakeholder of land contamination. He contemplated and created the Terradex Toolbox that allows customizations within each of the products to meet specific customer needs.
Peter BiffarLearn More 
Peter is the President of Terradex, where he leads the business operations of the company. He advises on financial assurance mechanisms that provide the operational reliability of Terradex's proprietary solutions into the future. The continual improvements to and evolution of Terradex’s technology and its seamless integration into ever-changing client workflows is a testament to Peter’s technical expertise and business acumen.
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Vice President
Mike is the Vice President of Terradex. He brings nearly 25 years of engineering and legal experience on environmental cleanup and redevelopment, compliance, and pollution control, and is an expert in the niche area of institutional controls and long-term stewardship. In 2010, he joined Terradex and has grown into one of the company’s three senior leaders along with Terradex founder, Bob, and Peter. Leveraging his subject matter expertise and management skills, Mike is deeply involved with LandWatch, DigClean, and WhatsDown product development, project management, business development, and client relationships.



More than 20 years ago, the founders of Terradex seized an opportunity to bring innovation to address an outstanding problem: How do we protect the public and help assure compliance where residual contamination persists while allowing future development? This duty would need to endure for generations.

We lived in Silicon Valley. Web-based mapping was emerging, agencies were beginning to go online, and  the companies could serve their customers solely by the web.  Yet, assuring the safety of environmental sites relied on inspections that might only observe a breach or exposure after the event.  The innovation was to prevent rather than react to the breach by applying web-mapping and monitoring agencies’ online data, and delivering this as a web service. We invented our Terradex technology solutions to proactively address these long-term stewardship needs.

Terradex created LandWatch as a workflow that aggregates and normalizes land activity data across multiple categories of use and then screens the data against the boundaries of our clients’ properties where they seek to control liability, assure compliance, and serve their environmental mission.  With readily available data on the web, Terradex could prevent a breach, and a small team could monitor across the nation or even globally.

Over the years, Terradex became the “Kleenex” of long-term stewardship services. Our product suite grew consistent with the vision of protectiveness to meet different use cases: DigClean to serve state agencies managing their entire site portfolio against excavation risk and WhatsDown to serve utilities looking to protect field operations from environmental hazards.

The evolution of Terradex has been unique. We continue to innovate in response to client needs, serving a niche in the market. Our proprietary technology ensures compliance associated with cleanup sites that hold post-remedy obligations and our expertise in web-based geospatial methods allows for the large-scale application of site mapping and monitoring in perpetuity. Our history illustrates the trajectory to our future, which we embrace every day through our mission and vision.

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