LandWatch is a trusted solution that affords protection to businesses, communities, and the environment. 

Used primarily for contaminated site stewardship, LandWatch is a secure web service that monitors public information associated with land use and related activities, including property development, ownership transfers, excavation activity, zoning changes, and more. Utilized for one site or large property portfolios, LandWatch is a proactive risk management application that maps sites, monitors activities, sends alerts, provides compliance reporting tools, and serves as an integrated platform to manage workflows.

Map and Monitor Land Use Activities
LandWatch proactively prevents or swiftly stops land activity that is unsafe, prohibited, or triggers liability exposure at contaminated sites and other environmentally sensitive lands.

Terradex invented the LandWatch technology to address a unique problem: to ensure the effectiveness and protectiveness of property-use restrictions (including institutional and engineering controls) at sites where residual contamination remains.

Prioritizing the safety of individuals, communities, and the environment, LandWatch is a versatile mapping, monitoring, and alert system used by a wide range of private and public stakeholders to manage risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and allow the safe development and redevelopment of impacted properties. Always expanding our cutting-edge applications for new uses, LandWatch increasingly is being used to track rail and utility easements, sensitive habitats, and climate-vulnerable locations.
Integrated, Customizable Solutions
LandWatch’s proprietary, cutting-edge technology provides a reliable, integrated, cost-efficient strategy for current and future stewardship needs.

Working with a wide variety of clients ranging from private companies to government agencies, Terradex’s data-driven approach, decades of experience, and domain expertise combine to provide integrated long-term risk management solutions at contaminated sites and other sensitive properties.

Applied to a single site or a larger property portfolio, LandWatch’s proprietary technology integrates into user workflows to cost-effectively monitor mapped areas of interest against a wide range of continuously updated data sources. Personalized customer support and setup ensures that LandWatch is specifically tailored to match client needs. This client-centric approach supports continued innovation, allowing Terradex to anticipate and meet the changing needs of site stewardship.

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Interested in learning more about Landwacht?

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Interested in learning more about Landwacht?

Additional information is available in the downloadable product sheet below.

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