WhatsDown generates consolidated environmental screening reports that identify avoidable environmental, health, and safety risks before excavation work begins.

For utilities and other contractors conducting buried infrastucture maintenance and construction work, WhatsDown identifies areas where excavation may encounter contaminated soil and water or where digging is prohibited because of environmental agreements. Generated before any potentially hazardous construction activities begin, WhatsDown reports are efficient, intuitive, and designed to protect workers from subsurface environmental and health hazards while ensuring compliance with any land use restrictions on cleanup sites.

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Proactively Identify Environmental Exposure Hazards
WhatsDown screening reports provide critical protection for utilities, water companies, and other parties conducting infrastructure work and other field projects underground.

When a utility is planning excavation activities to maintain existing or install new infrastructure, protecting the health and safety of the crew is paramount. Any kind of underground construction activity can potentially disrupt buried contamination, posing a hazard to workers and the customers they serve.

WhatsDown quickly identifies avoidable construction exposure risks before work begins, protecting workers and assuring compliance with institutional controls or other cleanup restrictions in defined construction areas. WhatsDown screening reports also bolster safety planning: by identifying the chemicals of concern on site, safety teams can provision the appropriate personal protective equipment to field workers.
Efficient Screening Technology, Actionable Reports
WhatsDown’s web service and mobile technology provides efficient location-based screening that quickly identifies environmental hazards and instantly generates a streamlined report designed to protect crews working on infrastructure projects.

WhatsDown’s customizable search parameters allow utility and contractor clients to define specific areas that align with construction project boundaries of any size, ranging from a linear excavation like a pipeline, to a large, area-wide excavation. Reports can be delivered as a PDF or a web service within GIS systems and are uniquely designed to be scanned quickly, allowing work teams to identify immediate hazards to ensure optimal protection for utility crews. WhatsDown brings a simple Red, Yellow, Green symbol to every project screen to quickly inform the customer of the hazard risk.

Multiple categories of environmental hazards are mapped in the report, including the extent of use restrictions, the edges of groundwater contamination, boundaries of a spill, and areas where munitions are potentially buried from legacy testing. The screening report also includes a list of subsurface chemicals of concern with NIOSH health links.

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