DigClean is an automated monitoring and advisory service that allows state environmental agencies to track hundreds of contaminated sites.

Used primarily by state regulators, DigClean provides an efficient technology solution for environmental agencies to efficiently monitor large portfolios of properties that contain residual contamination. In generating automated, advance notice to impacted parties about potential risks, DigClean facilitates state agency oversight and long-term compliance with cleanup remedies, while protecting communities and the environment.

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Monitor Cleanup Remedies, Protect the Public
DigClean prevents inappropriate or unsafe excavations to avoid potentially harmful exposures from underground hazards.

DigClean helps state environmental agencies easily track and monitor large portfolios of cleanup sites in support of their mission to protect public health and the environment. Agencies manage hundreds of sites with residual contamination vulnerable to the actions of millions of people through property development and land use activities. Because state regulators have approved the implementation of institutional and engineering controls at these sites, they must ensure compliance with all property-use restrictions and inform the public of any potential risks. DigClean assists regulators with compliance oversight, public outreach, and the long-term stewardship of state-wide contaminated property portfolios.
Real-Time, Customized Hazard Advisories
DigClean screens excavation notices from “One Call” centers and sends automated, real-time advisories to excavators and property owners to warn about dangers of digging on properties with restrictions, allowing state agencies to effectively monitor state-wide inventories.

DigClean is an automated service that affords a simple, accurate, and efficient regulatory oversight solution for agencies charged with managing large portfolios of cleanup sites across an entire state. Through cutting-edge technology tied to “One Call” data sources, DigClean automatically compares construction and other land use activities to the site boundaries, and transmits real-time advisories to property owners and excavators to inform them of site restrictions and potential risks. Through this proactive notification system, our state agency clients have the flexibility to create customized advisories for intended recipients to ensure they are easily understood and contain the most relevant, critical environmental and safety information to avoid a regulatory breach. These customized advisories can be transmitted in multiple forms including email, text message, fax, and postal mail, for optimal communication.

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