LandWatch Drone Imaging for Industrial Site Change Detection

In addition to conventional LandWatch monitoring, our industrial client also needed eyes-on inspections of their institutional control sites. The LandWatch drone imagery report shows current land uses, such as new structures, as well as minute details such as cracks (or lack thereof) in engineering controls.

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LandWatch for Situational Awareness and ESG Strategy Innovation

Our corporate client owns industrial facilities vulnerable to operational interruptions or limitations resulting from adjacent third-party land development activities, including zoning changes.

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Protecting Health and Safety of Workers from Underground Contamination

Our utility client performs thousands of excavations associated with new project development and customer service requests in areas that contain widespread contamination.Worker safety and compliance obligations are complex.

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LandWatch for Public Safety and Community Engagement

Our client had a short six-week deadline to establish a notification system alerting any excavator working on a public right of way about the existence of Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) residues in the ground.

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