Nationwide each year about 6 million excavations are undertaken, and these holes occur in the midst of about 1 million known buried chemical contamination sites such as spills of fuels. Wouldn't an excavation be safer and faster knowing before you dig about known contamination? Dig Clean is a service to send just this advise as part of the call clearance system.
The Dig Clean Advisory is a free advisory sent prior to excavating - the excavation site is not visited as part of a Dig Clean Advisory, but additional support is available.
A Dig Clean excavation advisory shows the excavation extent and adjacent environmental contamination. The advisory uses the same excavation ticket number issued by the One Call Center, and can be obtained using the form at the right. Dig Clean also transmits these same notices via fax, text or voice message dependent
The Dig Clean is a free service as participating state agencies and potentially responsible parties for cleanup of the contamination hold an interest that the remaining contamination not be disturbed, and new projects be safe.
Dig Clean is a service operated by Terradex, Inc. under contract to various state agencies or interested private parties. The service is in a pilot mode. There are important limitations with the service discussed on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and please contact us if you have more questions.

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