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Protecting Health and Safety of Workers from Underground Contamination

Project Profile
Protecting Health and Safety of Workers from Underground Contamination

Utility Client


As part of its regulatory oversight functions, our state environmental agency client takes proactive steps to ensure the integrity and protectiveness of hundreds and hundreds of cleanup sites with institutional controls in place.

Upon the sale of property containing institutional controls, the state desired to send understandable notice to the new landowners about land activity and use limitations affecting the property.

Through its DigClean solution, Terradex monitors land ownership changes, flags property transfers, and maintains a tabular and map view inventory of all property transfers.

Dig Clean finds property transfers, owner name, mailing address (and more), through a sophisticated process relying on county-maintained records and geo-database processing.

In addition to identifying property transfers, the DigClean solution automatically generates customized letters on client letterhead to the new owner.

In plain language, the letters provide notice about any obligations or limitations associated with the property. DigClean also confirms parcel, state cleanup ID, and ownership accuracy through our proprietary quality assurance process.

Chemical spill sites, institutional controls, the occurrence of an arsenic smelter plume, and munitions potentially impact excavations across Washington’s Puget Sound area. Terradex has aggregated and mapped these sites.
A WhatsDown report presents a high-level finding – red if an excavation restriction is present, yellow if contamination could impact the excavation, and green if there are no restrictions or contamination in the vicinity of the excavation.

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