Protecting Utility Workers and Planning for Field Compliance

Are you a utility owner or contractor working in California? Rather than being surprised by the discovery of underground environmental contamination, the WhatsDown® screening report consolidates potential environmental hazard information. WhatsDown generates a construction screening report to aid in provisioning appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to field workers, anticipate any groundwater or soil treatment requirements, and finally achieve compliance with any environmental restrictions imposed on cleanup sites.

An Intuitive Report and Mobile Web Application

A WhatsDown® client subscriber enjoys unlimited environmental screening reports across their service area. WhatsDown® screening report is unique and tailored to utility protection:

  • Subsurface chemicals with their NIOSH health links are catalogued,
  • Groundwater plumes are mapped with estimated depth to first encountered groundwater,
  • Spill sites are mapped with hyperlinks to associated agency websites, and
  • Environmental restrictions are mapped with any restrictions highlighted.

WhatsDown® is available as both a web and mobile application. The content can be delivered for use as a web service within departmental GIS systems. WhatsDown® allows for easy access to location-based discovery of nearby environmental sites, and is designed to simplify the process of finding and interpretting information to inform safe underground construction practices.

WhatsDown® Resources

Please follow this link to download the brochure and learn more about WhatsDown® .