IDEQ Waste Remediation Program Program ID Status
RCRA Hazardous Waste Sites IDD009062597
Voluntary Cleanup Program Q8110X Active

Reference Site ID 4336
Environmental Covenants
LUR 1083 View LUR
ShapeID 461 McFarland Cascade Pole & Lumber (H & H Enterprises) main_outer
Restriction ID 11511 Allow Access, Easement
Restriction ID 11464 Excavation, Soil Mgmt Plan for Revised C-1
Restriction ID 11160 GW Use Prohibition,
Restriction ID 11501 Non-Residential Use,
LUR 1088 View LUR
ShapeID 460 McFarland Cascade Pole & Lumber (Thurlow Property) main_outer
Restriction ID 11159 GW Use Prohibition,
LUR 1324 View LUR
ShapeID 462 McFarland Cascade Pole & Lumber (Area A-2) main_outer
Restriction ID 11161 GW Use Prohibition,
Restriction ID 11348 Non-Residential Use,
ShapeID 463 McFarland Cascade Pole & Lumber (Area A-1) main_outer
Restriction ID 11126 GW Use Prohibition,
Restriction ID 11349 Non-Residential Use,
ShapeID 464 McFarland Cascade Pole & Lumber (Area B) main_outer
Restriction ID 11127 GW Use Prohibition,
Restriction ID 11350 Non-Residential Use,
Coeur d'Alene Regional Office

Adam Oliver
RCRA General Facility Info

Natalie Walker
RCRA Compliance and Enforcement

Derek Young
Voluntary Cleanup Program, General Remediation

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