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Founded in 2002, Terradex, Inc. harnesses information technology to strengthen the impact of institutional and engineering controls. Because clean-up technology cannot always remove contamination to safe levels, the limits these controls place on land use remain an integral part of health and environmental protection. Terradex works to increase the reliability and enforceability of these controls in order to safeguard clean-up efforts, protect human health, limit liabilities and benefit stakeholder interests.

Bob Wenzlau
Chief Executive Officer,
Board Member,
Mr. Wenzlau is a civil engineer whose practice area is the long term care of contaminated sites. His practice includes planning, design and maintenance of institutional controls and engineering controls. Mr. Wenzlau is proficient in numerous computer languages, data base design, and server configuration. Mr. Wenzlau saw the need for Terradex given the impracticality of complete contaminant residual removal, and the goal that final remedies be protective if residual persists. Mr. Wenzlau now serves as the Chairperson of ASTM's Task Force for Continuing Obligations at Contaminated Properties. He speaks regularly to support the development of this practice area. Mr. Wenzlau attended Stanford University where he received both a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

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Peter Biffar
Board Member
Mr. Biffar leads the business and operations of Terradex. He advises on financial assurance mechanisms permitting Terradex's solution to be reliably operated into the future. Mr. Biffar also leads Terradex's diversification into mapping for the energy and sustainability sectors. Mr. Biffar was founder and CEO of eCargoService Inc. (booking and reservation system for air cargo industry), partner Internet Business Strategy at USWeb, cofounder of Quantumshift, CEO of Esprit Europe, and an Associate Partner at McKinsey Company. He holds four U.S. Patents and three U.S. Patents pending. is a SUN Certified Enterprise Architect for J2EE Technology. Mr. Biffar obtained an MBA from Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College; and a BS in Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.

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J. Michael Sowinski Jr., JD
Vice President,
Environmental Protection Services
Mr. Sowinski brings nearly 20 years of engineering and legal experience on environmental cleanup, environmental compliance, property redevelopment, and pollution control (i.e., CWA, RCRA) and is an expert in the niche area of “institutional controls” and long term stewardship. Prior to joining Terradex, Mr. Sowinski practiced environmental law where he advised and litigated on behalf of local governments and private clients on cleanup, institutional controls, brownfield, water pollution, land use, and other environmental matters. Mr. Sowinski’s experience also includes a career in environmental consulting where he consulted to federal and state environmental agencies, as well as private clients, on environmental cleanup and compliance matters, ranging from broad-scale program advising on cleanup program and long term stewardship issues, to site-specific brownfield redevelopment, cleanup, water pollution, and environmental compliance matters. He received a BS and MS in Engineering from the University of Maryland, and a Juris Doctorate from Vermont Law School. Mr. Sowinski speaks and writes regularly on environmental cleanup, brownfield, and stewardship matters and, among others, he is a leading member of ASTM’s “Continuing Obligation” task group.

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Kangsan Wyi
Operations Manager,
LandWatch Services
Mr. Wyi supports LandWatch through his day-to-day land activity screening against environmental sites. He designs and implements database-driven methods for land activity and environmental data acquisition. Mr. Wyi also provides support on Terradex's other projects typically working on data acquisition and analysis. Mr. Wyi holds a B.S. from the University of California, San Diego in Environmental Engineering.
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